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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography holds a special place in every person's life as Wedding photographs are the only way of keeping the memories of the special day intact. We at Kumkum Photo Studio understand the significance of the wedding day and click photographs which have an added appeal and a touch of emotion in them. Our forte lies in clicking the best picture of the bride and the groom and creating their portfolios. We have successfully done Wedding Photography in many big and small weddings and have been appreciated for capturing each and every intricacy of the entire function.

Children Photography

We also meet the demands of parents for their kid photography. Our process expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of the subject allows us to effectively the mood of the child and his/her angles. We offer these services for personal portfolio & advertising.

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography is our area of specialization wherein we click excellent photographs of various industrial machines and equipments. Our Industrial Photographs are suitable to be used in brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, websites etc. We hold discussions with our clients and only after knowing their requirements click the most adept photographs. The clarity of the image in unmatched and we use only high quality professional cameras. The charges of our Industrial Photography service are very reasonable.

Product Photography

Kumkum Photo Studio holds the expertise to provide unmatched Product Photography Service for any kind of product. Our skilled photographers create the most suitable frames which aptly highlight the product to be captured. Our well trained and skilled professionals bring life like clarity to the image and bring out the best output. We are market leaders in terms of the charges of our service and time taken to finish the project.

Architectural Photography

We provide unmatched Architectural Photography services which are appreciated by all our clients. We understand the intricacies of Architectural Photography and provide the most appropriate image of any architectural structure. Be it photography of interior structures or buildings or any other establishment we are capable of clicking the most vivid pictures. All our clients have always been satisfied with the excellence of our images and the unmatched clarity.

Event Photography

Event Photography has emerged as a very new concept as events themselves are new phenomenon. We click the most suitable photographs which are in accordance with the mood of the event. Our skilled photographers are capable of clicking photographs which are as per the theme of the event organized then be it a promotional event or a rock band concerts. We can do wonders by using different types of lighting effects. We have the expertise to capture each and every aspect of the event using the most suitable angles and frames.

Portrait Photography

We are experts in clicking excellent Portrait photographs. Portrait Photography service can be provided as per the need of the clients in different poses and postures. We can click Portrait pictures of individuals; couples etc. as per the need and provide the best suggestion regarding the poses. Our Portrait Photography guarantees a suitable photograph which will bring a smile on your face each time you look at it.

Advertising Photography

We are experts in clicking promotional photographs for advertising different products, services or companies. Our Advertising Photography Service is appreciated by all our clients and is widely availed by big & small companies and corporate houses. Our expertise lies in understanding the theme of your promotional campaign and click pictures which will provide a boost to your advertising campaign. We provide the Advertising Photography Service at market leading prices and serve the clients to their maximum satisfaction.

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